Terms Of Use

1. Definitions and definitions.

1.1. The site is a web page integrity that is linked to the same theme, design and domain name as
FilmsTime. The start page, which makes it possible to switch to the next page of the site, is available on the Internet at the following address: FilmsTime.Net:

1.2. User: Anyone who has access to the web site is a user of the site.

1.3. The site owner is: - "FilmsTime Team".

1.4. Site Administrators are those authorized by the FilmsTime Team. The administration always stands on behalf of the owner of the site.

1.5. User page: A personal page is a part of the site that is available only after registration. Through his personal page, the user has the ability to send messages, upload photos, or perform other actions. The user page will now be called an account.

1.6. Private messages are emails transmitted from one user to another and are not available to third parties. The sending and receiving of messages is done only through the user's personal page.

2. The Site Owner.

2.1. The owner of the site is FilmsTime.Net, FilmsTime.Org and  VideoFilmsTime domain administrator. The owner has the exclusive right to use the site, including the use of programs, graphics, and data that are part of the image used.

2.2. The site owner is a broker that provides services for uninterrupted access to the Web site. Absolutely any information provided by users is transmitted without modification or editing.

3. Website user.

3.1. User rights and responsibilities will be effective upon requesting any page of the site.

3.2. All rights of users can be made entirely only after registering on the site. To register, the user must indicate: 1. username (email), 2. password. Once the registration has been completed, the account confirmation email is being processed. In this case, the user acquires a registered user status.

3.3. Registered users get access to all site services.

4. It is forbidden.

4.1. It is forbidden to collect information from other users' pages for further processing.

4.2. It is forbidden to use any program or tool to collect information from the site.

4.3. Advocacy, agitation, which can cause social, racial, national, linguistic and religious hatred is prohibited.

4.4. It is forbidden to place on the site's pages, as well as to disseminate restricted information (personal information) through personal messages if the user is not the person who created the information or has not received the right to distribute such messages by law or contract.

4.5. It is forbidden to copy duplicates of intellectual property protected by law if the user does not have any exceptional or exclusive rights to their placement.

4.6. It is forbidden to place on the site, transmit graphic files through personal messages that will hurt other users, threaten, call for violence, and call for unlawful actions and break the rules and ethics.

4.7. Messages and statuses that contain nouns and phrases are forbidden.

4.8. It is forbidden to place pornographic videos or images on the site, as well as links to resources that contain similar content.

4.9. It is forbidden to post photos of other people without their consent, except for cases permitted by law.

4.10. It is forbidden to indicate fake or misleading information, including others, or potentially inappropriate names during registration.

4.11. It is forbidden to register group of entities or organizations' accounts (user data).

4.12. It is forbidden to place animals, objects, abstract photographs, as well as other photographs instead of their own photos, in which there is no face.

4.13. It is forbidden to register for one person more than one account.

4.14. It is forbidden to post photos, videos, text information, and links that are ad-supported in the AdWords website.

5. User rights and responsibilities.

5.1. The user has the right to: upload personal photos, post messages, post information about his or her identity, comment and evaluate other users' photos, as well as create or join existing communities and other services.

5.2. The User is required to comply with all rules set out in point 4 (Restricted Operations).

6. Rights and responsibilities of the Site Administration.

6.1. The Administration of the Site carries out direct management of the site, decides on the services, structure, appearance, limitations or permissions of the site, as well as other administrative actions.

6.2. Only the Administration of the Site has the right to resolve the advertising issues.

6.3. In case of infringement of user-approved rules, the Administration has the right to block the user for some time or to block access to certain functions of the site for an indefinite period of time. In case of a double violation, the Administration reserves the right to delete the user's account number.

6.4. The Administration does not have the right to verify messages, photos, videos, or other content posted by the user without the consent of the owner.

6.5. The administration does not have the right to interfere with disputes between users, but has the right to block the user if the complaint is filed on the site for obscene behavior.

7. Use of cookies files.

7.1. FilmsTime has a user-defined system for cookies technology.

7.2. Cookies can be used when logging in to the site, which will be used to log in to the site at a later time.

7.3. If a user believes that cookies are not acceptable for him, he has the right to block access to cookies in his browser settings. Remember that you should not select the "remember password" option when accessing another's computer.

8. Guarantees and Responsibilities of the Parties.

8.1. The user guarantees that the information posted by him (pictures, videos, personal photos, messages, etc.) does not violate applicable law.

8.2. In case of infringement of the provisions of the User, the Administration has the right to prohibit access to certain site services or to block access to the Site at all.