Privacy Policy

Personal information that you provide to the site administrator.

Use of your personal data by the Company. Personal information is required so your friends can find you on our site. When registering, you must indicate your name, surname, date of birth, country, region / state and city. If you want to register, you must submit that information.

Personal Information: Website users passwords are encrypted and no information is transferred to a third party. Your name, surname, login and home photo will be accessible to all users, both registered and unregistered. All information will be accessible to registered users only. Photograph upload is not mandatory, the user has the right to cancel the photo upload.

Deleting a record. Any user has the right to delete his / her account number. You need to go to the "Delete Account" settings and follow the instructions.


FilmsTime is a website where people have the opportunity to communicate and exchange personal information. Our privacy policy allows every user to choose settings that you can restrict access to your personal information at will. Learn more about how to manage your login settings on your page.

Privacy management.

Restrictions on viewing your profile. If a user does not want his site to be visited by other users, it may limit the number of people who can view his or her page. In this case, personal information will only be available to friends, others will only be able to access your name, surname and photo.

Black list:

You can move a blacklist to any user who, in your opinion, should not log in to your site. Others and friends can view your page without any restrictions.