About Us

About the project:

Life has spread to us all over the world. Friends, classmates, people who are alike are no longer informed about each other. Having acquired new acquaintances and new friends, we still keep good memories of the past, about school, student years, and ask, "And do not find all the people who have been expensive for us years ago?" But how to do it? How to find old friends and classmates who can live on the other end of the world? In such cases, the Internet comes to our aid.

The main thing

FilmsTime.Net site was created to find old friends. Here you can find people you have not seen for decades, confirm new acquaintances, organize virtual and real meetings. Thanks to our website many people have found their classmates, got acquainted with each other, restored their already forgotten company. There is nothing more pleasing to us than knowing that another person has found his friend in this tremendous world on our website. Our best friends are usually our classmates and partners. These are people we know for many years.

Our past

The FilmsTime.Net team was created in 2018 by a group of active young programmers and entrepreneurs. The main goal of the project was to create a new, free social network in the native language that allows users to interact with classmates, fellow students, friends and people all over the world, as well as find friends by interests, always stay in touch with friends, share photos and enable people to live together or to get to know each other.

Our Future

We are not standing on the spot and constantly trying to expand our achievements by continuing to realize the most intriguing ideas that enable people to share their impressions, experiences with friends as well as with the whole world.

We hope that on FilmsTime.Net you will meet those with whom you would be interested to communicate. Here you can find people you've thought of for years, confirming new acquaintances based on shared memories, communicating with people who share your views and interests, meet new friends!

You like communication, you've been in for a long time, do not interact with relatives and old friends, of which you are splitting thousands of kilometers. Want to find sponsors or just spend time in a pleasant environment then welcome to filmstime.net! Be sure that we will care for your time spent on our site to be full of interest!

What is left? Just register and enjoy. Stay with us, even if the social network for you is not for fun, but for work. Pleasant pastime!

Love and enjoy "FilmsTime.Net" ...